What Should I Do to Get Better at Beach Volleyball???

I am Mark Burik and I have dedicated my life to learning, teaching, and playing beach volleyball.

I love playing, I love the lifestyle, I love being on the beach. I love to go swimming after training. Hermosa Beach is the mecca. Some people go to Hollywood they see movie stars and they get all fired up, that’s what it’s like here. All of the best US players live here. It’s kind of a magic place and that you’d walk along the Strand at 8:00 am any morning and within 20 blocks you can see 20 professional world tour practices.

Coming to California, if you’re on your own and you don’t know anybody, you can do what I did when I was 19. Stand next to the court bumping, hoping that you’re bumping good enough to show them that you can play with them.

I wanted to create something better. I wanted to create connections. I wanted to bring people here and say “Hey, I will connect you with players. I’ll get you on a court with people at your level. We’re providing awesome coaching and we’re providing accommodations.” So, all the three most difficult parts about making your move to California and pursuing beach volleyball – I wanted to break down those barriers and say “Hey, it’s easy, it’s here and it’s in one package”.

The importance of a coach cannot be underestimated. In the last two years when I’ve had some quality coaches on my coldest days, it just helped me got through the mess, and I want to help other players do that. I can get here quicker. Our coaches can just like give you the keys, give you the secrets, and it’s crazy how there are really simple things that you can do with your game. And you can immediately win points, and it’s just seeing things from a different angle. So, we’ve specified all of our classes like nobody else has. We work on specific skills; specific aspects of the game and we break it down to 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. Players are loving that they can sign up for something that they really want to learn.

I want you guys to pursue your dreams and that’s what VolleyCamp Hermosa really is. It’s a gateway to help you chase your dreams. We just make it a little bit easier; we break down some of the barriers and we give you beach volleyball on a silver platter. Come to Hermosa Beach, play and train next to all the pros. Train under passionate team coaches and enjoy what we have to offer. Be the best you can be in beach volleyball.


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