VolleyCamp Hermosa tags Alison Wise for Manager position.

After announcing our search for a part time manager, VolleyCamp Hermosa received dozens of emails and applications. We were honored to see that so many people wanted to be a part of making the “Volleyball Dream” accessible to the rest of the world. We are constantly striving to create learning opportunities which will help grow our beautiful sport. In order to meet our goals, we have had to add coaches and now our first manager!
We couldn’t be happier to announce that our manager has come from within our classes. Alison Wise has been training under Mark Burik with VolleyCamp Hermosa for months and now she’s moving on up!

“I saw the way she dealt with stress everyday and that was the most important factor in making this decision. Alison practices in the evening after long days of teaching and even after some of her worst days, she shows up with a smile and shrugs off problems that would crush other people. When you see how someone handles problem solving, success, failure, trial and error you know pretty quickly if you want them on your team. I 100% want Alison on my team.”

Alison will handle the day to day operations and maintenance of the company. She will also be handling a steadily increasing load of customer relations and marketing responsibilities.



Alison Wise is originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  She moved to the Hermosa area in February 2016 because of her love for beach volleyball and desire to improve her game, and is excited to join the VolleyCamp Hermosa team!

She returned to the United States in August after teaching English in South Korea for four years.  While living in Korea she played beach volleyball at Haeundae Beach in Busan most weekends, and helped run a small club of international players.

She graduated from Kutztown University, where she competed on the women’s volleyball team as well as the track & field team.  Her major at Kutztown was  Art education, and while in Korea completed her Master’s online in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

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