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VolleyCamp Hermosa Manager Position

This is a part time position for an approximation of 15 hours/week with a salary of $15 per hour. The nature of the work is flexible and there are no set hours but the majority of the workloads that require the manager to be in a specific location will come between 10:30am and 2pm. The manager is not permitted to obtain employment outside VolleyCamp Hermosa that interferes with these hours.

This is an opportunity to learn the requirements and strategies of entrepreneurship, real estate and professional beach volleyball. We are a company which is striving to embolden people who wish to achieve their dreams through volleyball. Mark Burik is an elite member of the sporting and coaching world and we consider this position an opportunity to learn from him and study in these fields. In special cases, the manager can train and workout along side Mark and his colleagues. Direct coaching is also available at a discounted rate for any person employed by VolleyCamp Hermosa. (Keep reading below…)





– Keep 3 properties in clean, rent ready condition.
– Reorganize and restock properties as needed.
– Act as assistant coach to Mark Burik when needed for his training or the training of his students. Includes, collecting balls, feeding balls, serving, setting, passing, etc.
– Respond to messages and calls for VolleyCamp Hermosa, Mark Burik, AirBnB, Facebook, and MeetUp.
– Organize Mark Burik and VolleyCamp Hermosa’s calendar diligently. This includes flights, tournaments, practices, coaching sessions, classes, lessons, workouts and business meetings.
– Create a marketing schedule which includes at least one social media post per day on all of VolleyCamp Hermosa and Mark Burik’s platforms. This is made easy by the use of Hootsuite which allows a one time post to be pushed to all platforms.
– Create and release marketing emails. Again, this is made easy through MailChimp.



The manager will live in the VolleyCamp Hermosa properties. All locations are within walking distance of the beach and are specially selected to maximize the pleasure of its inhabitants.

He/She must be flexible and mobile (to the same standard of CEO Mark Burik) and will be required to move locations in accordance with bookings. The majority of the days will find the manager with a property to themselves but he/she is required to adhere to the VolleyHouse Code of Conduct at all times. There are foreseeable situations where a bed might not be available in which case a stipend may be offered for finding their own accommodations for those given nights. The manager may leave his or her belongings at any of the properties, so long as they are stowed and orderly but should be prepared to move on any given day in accordance with bookings.
Should the manager need to leave town or is otherwise unable to perform his/her duties for a given period of time, it is their responsibility to inform Mark Burik well in advance and find an approved replacement for the work that needs to be completed.

If you are interested in this position or you know someone might be GREAT for this role, please send an email to [email protected] with a cover letter and a resume.


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