“First, I wanted to to fully thank you for all the work last year! My improvements were MASSIVE!! In spring 2015, prior to working with you, I was terrible at volleyball… Could barely hang in an A rated tournament and, in the past few years, did not qualify for anything. I never got more than an A-rating in the CBVA!! After starting with you, I made 2 finals winning once, and earned my AAA twice. I never finished worse than 5th. I also got a 9th in the NVL as well 3 more “game to get ins” barely losing nail bitters every time!  Lastly, the best stat yet, I finished with more wins than losses by a long shot. This was also a first for me!!
SO once again a HUGE thank you for last year!!!

It seems that VolleyCamp is rolling well and your lessons are filling up.  As soon as my knee is feeling good again I plan on rolling full steam with You. I want to keep pushing this year BUT TWICE AS HARD.  I felt my level come up so much last year BUT I still feel that I have not reached my top yet!! So as long as You are willing to have me, I want to keep it going this year!!

Rob D.
Brenden Matthew Pence

“As a competitive Midwestern beach volleyball player, it can be very difficult to get professional level coaching or competition to help elevate our game. When I heard what Mark was doing with VolleyCamp Hermosa, I knew I had to get out and participate. I had met Mark previously on the AVP and NVL circuit (as he wiped the floor with me head to head on the NVL) and had always been impressed with his dedication, passion, work ethic and knowledge. He seemed accessible and relatable as you could tell he got where he was through no other reason than unparalleled hustle, grind and accountability. He has had immense success as a professional and internationally. When I reached out, he was extremely helpful and interested in my experience as a player. He advised me on some dates to consider and book the plane ticket asap. As soon as I purchased it, I had an overwhelming sense of excitement for finally taking a step towards self-improvement. My excitement only led to satisfaction.

My only regret about VolleyCamp Hermosa is that I was unable to stay longer. It was by far the best time and money I spent on volleyball- and frankly, on life. The lessons I learned from Mark extended beyond the court or the gym. Just observing how he prepares for success and the level of dedication he has was shocking. I can confidently say that my game improved immensely over the course of a week by challenging my both mentally and physically. I came back afterwards and people took immediate notice of how much stronger I was mentally and how much my game improved. I came back stronger, faster, more confident and much more knowledgeable on how to succeed and continue to improve.

Beyond volleyball, being able to spend a week on the beautiful beaches of SoCal for such an affordable cost is something you CANNOT pass up. Mark is always looking for ways to improve location, accommodations, and your experience. His passion for the sport and the area are infectious. When I stayed at the house, not only did we have plenty of room/ livable space, we also were within a 3 minute bike ride to the beach, groceries and the fun nightlife of the pier. During my stay, we met some awesome volleyball people but also met some people who were just staying there for the convenience- including a German musician (that we didn’t know was a musician!) who was on a California vacation and beautifully serenaded the whole house one night. The relationships I built while there have remained consistent and strong and I know everyone who went had a life-changing experience.

VolleyCamp Hermosa and Coach Mark have my highest recommendation for ANYONE who a.) is any level of volleyball player (pro to beginner) who wants to better themselves on and off the court and/or b.) anyone who wants to experience Southern California for a ridiculously affordable price. There is nothing else out there that offers the accessibility, expertise and passion that VolleyCamp Hermosa offers. I look so forward to what Mark has done with a year under his belt and his creative solutions mindset. I know spaces will fill fast as word spreads so get in early and BOOK TODAY! There is no excuse not to seize this opportunity- You will not regret it.

Brenden, Columbus, Ohio
Christie Jenkins

“Training was awesome and I definitely learned a lot. It felt like my brain was going to implode at times trying to implement 7 new things at once but you’ve given me a great list of things to go and work on. You are a fantastic coach – obviously very knowledgeable, always energetic, and you definitely inspire your athletes (me included) to want to work hard for you. You also modify your coaching style to suit your athletes which is a skill not that many coaches have.
And it was also great just getting to know you better and hang out. It is rare to meet someone who is out living their passion and knows what their contribution to the world is. Congratulations on finding something you love and having the courage, and the work ethic, to pursue it full-out. Truly enjoyed some fascinating conversations, and I have a huge amount of respect for the way you are living your life.

-Christie, NVL Champion, Melbourne, Australia
Aaron David Lamp

“This was easily one of the best experiences of my life. We got there by plane from West Virginia and were picked up right at the airport by a very nice girl names Emelié. We went right to the beach to meet mark, who by the way is an awesome person and super fun to hang out with, and ended up meeting team USA and watching them practice. Throughout the week and throughout the practices I learned so much from a great coach and mentor. Although the practices were very rigorous and demanding he took the time to really make sure we got each and every drill and we were the best we could be at the end of the week. He expected the best that we had each and every day that helped make us better. It was the best training I have ever had. We also got to meet and play volleyball with a bunch of awesome people and even some current and former AVP players.

The house itself is absolutely beautiful. It has a great view and the rooms are spacious and comfortable. The company is world class and all of the volleyball is even more so. During all of our down time that we had when not playing volleyball on the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen we got to go sightseeing. The location of the house is perfect because it is in the middle of so many amazing sites to visit. From Santa Monica and Venice beach to mission beach and Manhattan beach there really isn’t anything around that is too far to visit. Hermosa beach, however, is a one of a kind beach with volleyball and amazing people as far as the eye can see. The views are amazing and the beaches are like pillows. Hermosa beach is good for laying out and just enjoying some of the most beautiful weather in the USA. It is truly a beautiful environment to be in and visit! Now on to Mark Burik. He is truly a great coach, player, and friend. He is willing to help you and make you as good of a player that he can possibly make you. He is easy to talk to and he is easy to learn from. His heart is really set on volleyball and being the best that he can be both as a player and a coach. His training session are extremely well organized and planned out just like his life. He has a schedule that he loves to keep and still makes time to be a friend. He is really a great coach and guy and I am very happy that I met him and proud that I know him. I am planning my next trip now and you should too!

Aaron, Parkersburg, West Virginia
David Strand

“This guy is the real deal! Always going the extra mile to deliver at work or in his passion for volleyball. He’s been around the world and has many cool stories to tell and with them a huge network of great people. Don’t hesitate just book your stay with Mark, he will deliver…as always 🙂

-David, Malmo, Sweden
Janne Erik Moen

“This is perfect for every beachbum out there! From beginner to World Tour level. Good coaches Nice apartment and deep sand!

-Janne Erik Moen, Norwegian National Team, Oslo, Norway
Ted Wang

Finding out about Coach Mark Burik and VolleyCamp Hermosa via a Facebook ad may be the best thing that happened to me all year. At first I was hesitant to sign up for training since I wasn’t sure how he would train beginners like me, but I quickly found out that I didn’t need to be worried. After 10 minutes with Mark two things were clear to me: he loves coaching, and he has a knack for breaking everything down to basics so that it’s easy to remember and take away. Staying at VolleyCamp Hermosa was awesome and super convenient also…I highly recommend it either for a week of intense training or a quick weekend getaway.

– Ted, San Jose, California

Mark was a great host. Everything was as he described and he provided helpful tips. The apartment was exactly what I needed. There are 6 beds along with plenty of couch space and a pull out bed. The view from the living rooms was fantastic! This is a great place to stay and enjoy the south bay of LA.

-Brian, El Segundo, CA

This place was perfect…clean, close to all Hermosa Beach has to offer and very reasonably priced. I cannot recommend a better stay if you are in the area. Mark was a great host…very nice, accommodating and made sure I had everything I needed for a great stay.

-Jeff, Royal Oak, MI

Mark is an awesome hosts. He treats all of his guests with respect and is always willing to help make sure that your stay and vacation are as good as they can be! Not to mention, his house is very newly renovated, clean AND in a very sought after location! Very highly recommended!

-Lucas, Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil

Mark’s place was everything we were hoping for and more! My boys and I got to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the ocean from the patio and the rooftop, walk for a few minutes and be right at the beach, and rest in a quiet, clean, modern home. My boys were appreciative of Mark’s hospitality and his willingness to let us come watch him practice beach volleyball. I recommend this location for anyone who wants the quintessential California beach experience!

-Kami, Sacramento, California

Mark, Thanks for the hospitality! Having volleyball in common was a great fit for our club. You made us feel very welcome into the Hermosa volleyball community. Thanks and we will be in touch.

-Robert, Hamilton, Ohio

Mark made my experience a great one. It was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to have a few days of relaxation and thats exactly what I got. Marks location is walking distance to the beach, pier and restaurants. I didn’t have much time to hangout but he made me feel at home. I plan on returning to Redondo to bike up the pacific coastline all the way up Santa Monica. I would def recommend Marks place!

– Victor, Oakland, California

Mark and his place are both amazing. I was able to book him room day-of, as my plans fell through last minute.. This is my first time in the LA area, but the location is fantastic.. Just a few minutes from the beach and anything else you may need. The other guests are all fantastic too. I’d definitely recommend this place.

– Taylor, Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you Mark for opening your home to me for my weekend trip to watch my daughter play in her volleyball tournaments. The room and bed were very comfortable and I felt right at home. You are super nice and I enjoyed meeting you and talking to you when I got there. Thank you again, I would highly recommend you and your beautiful place with the ocean view.

-Lisa, Las Vegas, Nevada
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