January 30, 2016

First, I wanted to to fully thank you for all the work last year! My improvements were MASSIVE!! In spring 2015, prior to working with you, I was terrible at volleyball… Could barely hang in an A rated tournament and, in the past few years, did not qualify for anything. I never got more than an A-rating in the CBVA!! After starting with you, I made 2 finals winning once, and earned my AAA twice. I never finished worse than 5th. I also got a 9th in the NVL as well 3 more “game to get ins” barely losing nail bitters every time!  Lastly, the best stat yet, I finished with more wins than losses by a long shot. This was also a first for me!!
SO once again a HUGE thank you for last year!!!

It seems that VolleyCamp is rolling well and your lessons are filling up.  As soon as my knee is feeling good again I plan on rolling full steam with You. I want to keep pushing this year BUT TWICE AS HARD.  I felt my level come up so much last year BUT I still feel that I have not reached my top yet!! So as long as You are willing to have me, I want to keep it going this year!!

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