November 9, 2015

Training was awesome and I definitely learned a lot. It felt like my brain was going to implode at times trying to implement 7 new things at once but you’ve given me a great list of things to go and work on. You are a fantastic coach – obviously very knowledgeable, always energetic, and you definitely inspire your athletes (me included) to want to work hard for you. You also modify your coaching style to suit your athletes which is a skill not that many coaches have.
And it was also great just getting to know you better and hang out. It is rare to meet someone who is out living their passion and knows what their contribution to the world is. Congratulations on finding something you love and having the courage, and the work ethic, to pursue it full-out. Truly enjoyed some fascinating conversations, and I have a huge amount of respect for the way you are living your life.

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