November 9, 2015

As a competitive Midwestern beach volleyball player, it can be very difficult to get professional level coaching or competition to help elevate our game. When I heard what Mark was doing with VolleyCamp Hermosa, I knew I had to get out and participate. I had met Mark previously on the AVP and NVL circuit (as he wiped the floor with me head to head on the NVL) and had always been impressed with his dedication, passion, work ethic and knowledge. He seemed accessible and relatable as you could tell he got where he was through no other reason than unparalleled hustle, grind and accountability. He has had immense success as a professional and internationally. When I reached out, he was extremely helpful and interested in my experience as a player. He advised me on some dates to consider and book the plane ticket asap. As soon as I purchased it, I had an overwhelming sense of excitement for finally taking a step towards self-improvement. My excitement only led to satisfaction.
My only regret about VolleyCamp Hermosa is that I was unable to stay longer. It was by far the best time and money I spent on volleyball- and frankly, on life. The lessons I learned from Mark extended beyond the court or the gym. Just observing how he prepares for success and the level of dedication he has was shocking. I can confidently say that my game improved immensely over the course of a week by challenging my both mentally and physically. I came back afterwards and people took immediate notice of how much stronger I was mentally and how much my game improved. I came back stronger, faster, more confident and much more knowledgeable on how to succeed and continue to improve.
Beyond volleyball, being able to spend a week on the beautiful beaches of SoCal for such an affordable cost is something you CANNOT pass up. Mark is always looking for ways to improve location, accommodations, and your experience. His passion for the sport and the area are infectious. When I stayed at the house, not only did we have plenty of room/ livable space, we also were within a 3 minute bike ride to the beach, groceries and the fun nightlife of the pier. During my stay, we met some awesome volleyball people but also met some people who were just staying there for the convenience- including a German musician (that we didn’t know was a musician!) who was on a California vacation and beautifully serenaded the whole house one night. The relationships I built while there have remained consistent and strong and I know everyone who went had a life-changing experience.
VolleyCamp Hermosa and Coach Mark have my highest recommendation for ANYONE who a.) is any level of volleyball player (pro to beginner) who wants to better themselves on and off the court and/or b.) anyone who wants to experience Southern California for a ridiculously affordable price. There is nothing else out there that offers the accessibility, expertise and passion that VolleyCamp Hermosa offers. I look so forward to what Mark has done with a year under his belt and his creative solutions mindset. I know spaces will fill fast as word spreads so get in early and BOOK TODAY! There is no excuse not to seize this opportunity- You will not regret it.

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