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VolleyCamp Video – Full Report Combo


VolleyCamp Video – Full Report Combo


The Combination Package includes both the Coach Package and the Scouting Report and includes:

A detailed analysis of all serves and attacks. You will be provided a chart showing the placement, type of hit or serve, and the outcome. This information is very helpful in determining what type of serves/attacks are working well for you, and which ones may be causing you to lose points. Additionally, this package can be done to scout an opponent that you may be consistently losing to.

A detailed breakdown, analysis, and review of your footage. You will receive feedback, hints, tips, and explanations on all aspects of the game. You can expect to be coached on strategies, mechanics/individual skills, offensive and defensive systems, overall performance and execution, and decision making. Specific instructions will include times of the video so that you have the ability to go back and see what is being referenced.

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