Practice Session: Feet to Ball Work

I received a question from one of my friends in Virginia Beach:
“Coaching some U-16 girls and the smaller girl has a hard time seeing/adjusting to a tight set (not necessarily a bad set just tighter than usual). Got any drills to improve her last two steps of approach to be able to make an aggressive attack on the tighter sets?”

Thanks for the question Shane!

It sounds like a lot of her problems can be fixed with some feet to ball work. For the most part I like to practice full skills so you should just keep having her pass, set, hit and then show her where she took off from and where she landed. Get here to focus on landing in the same spot.
I also like to use the drill shown down below to help the players understand the importance of the 2nd step in a four step approach (1st step if you teach a 3 step approach). Alex and Julia only started playing a few months ago so its important for them to understand these concepts early.
We have three targets set up where are players must take off and jump from. Our first two steps are always in the same spots but our last two (or STEP CLOSE) have 3 different locations to simulate an outside set, a perfect set and an inside set.
I wouldn’t spend very long doing this because it doesn’t incorporate a ball but it IS a great way to help the players understand that they can change speed and direction DURING their approaches.

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