Next-Level Ball Control Drills: Emergency Touch Series to Attack


Emergency Touch Series To Attack

This is a great partner drill to warm up our ball control touches, as well as our defensive movements. We’re going to incorporate a pass, a tomahawk, and a pokey, all in a defensive or ball control nature. Those aren’t attacks and they have to be first contacts that we can set.

As his partner, I’m going to toss him the deep ball that he passes, then I’m going to set him the deep ball that he tomahawks, and I’m going to set him the deep ball that he pokeys. From that pokey we’re going to set and hit out of it into a designated target. Watch it on this video.

We’re going to warm up another touch and it’s going to be a defensive touch. From this drill we have a pass, tomahawk, and a pokey, but I’m going to add a defensive rip. When you send that poke back to the setter, see if you can open up the court, in other words, pass to the other half of the court so that I could take a stronger rip and we can get a little bit of transition setting.

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