You’ll NEVER be a Main Draw player if you can’t complete these 5 Living Room Volleyball Drills. (They’re harder than you think!)

There’s a certain right of passage that every beach volleyball player goes through. Often enough, it starts with that player holding a volleyball while watching the best of the best on TV or YouTube. I clearly remember, at the start of my volleyball obsession, watching Karch Kiraly play with Mike “The Hawaiian Curtain” Lambert on NBC. I had just started playing the game and with an AVP Wilson Ball in my lap, sitting on my couch, I wondered to myself, “How many times in a row can Karch set a ball while still being able to see the AVP Logo in his setting window. What kind of volleyball drills do the top guys use to get better?”

Personal challenges are nice but I like when a course is laid out for me, so here you go.

This is your absolute baseline. Accomplishing this task won’t qualify you as a Main Draw player but it’s a good start to a long journey.

Complete the VolleyCamp Hermosa 5 Part Living Room Challenge to see if you have some of what it takes.

Sorry to all the Mom’s out there (“This is why we can’t have nice things!”) but this MUST be completed in a living room.

Extra Credit: Film yourself successfully completing all 5 challenges in your living room. Once you have all the videos, post them back to back with the hashtag #VolleyCampHermosa5for5 and tag @VolleyCampHermosa

Everyone who completes this course of volleyball drills and tags every video correctly will be entered into a drawing to receive an AVP Wilson Volleyball, a VolleyCamp Hermosa t-shirt and a one hour Private Lesson or Video Review with AVP Pro, Mark Burik.

  1. 50 Alternating one arm forearm touches in a row: 50 total touches. The ‘right-left’ sequence cannot be broken.
  2. 50 Alternating Pass-Tomahawk Touches in a row: The ‘pass-tomahawk’ sequence cannot be broken.
  3. 50 Alternating Pass-Pokey Touches in a row: This challenge must be completed in the Pass-Right Handed Pokey – Pass – Left Handed Pokey – Repeat. Sequence. Again, 50 total touches.
  4. 50 Alternating Fist-Fist-Flipper-Flipper: The ‘fist’ technique must be with a closed fist, palm up position. The ‘flipper’ means you have to use the back of your hand. To complete the challenge the sequence is: Right fist, Left first, Right Flipper, Left Flipper, Repeat. 50 total contacts.
  5. 20 Pepper Rounds – You must use the classic pepper sequence. Forearm Pass -Hand Set -Spike. No bump sets, chucks, lifts, overhand digs or one handed digs allowed.

Watched the video for a demonstration by me AND my awesome roommate, Penn State National Champion Libero-turned beach player, Lacey Fuller!


Stay focused. Work Hard. Have fun. Good Luck.

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