Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Beach Volleyball Super Fan in Your Life

Time is running out. I know you’ve been busy but no one wants to be “The Grinch” this holiday season. Your loved ones are counting on you to get them some awesome gifts. If you have a beach volleyball super fan in your life, I’m going to make it easier for you.

A lot of professional beach volleyball players are way more that just volleyball players. We have been making programs, writing books, vlogging, blogging and building our entrepreneurial lives and passions. Some of these items are from companies that have done everything they can to team up with and support our beautiful sport. Some of these have been built by the men and women you see battling it out between the lines on the beach.

If you’re going to spend your money on something, keep it in the beach volleyball universe so that our sport gets bigger and better. YOU play a significant role in the future of beach.


Here is VolleyCamp Hermosa’s list of last minute gift ideas.

Get that beach volleyball junkie in your life something they’d love from the people, athletes and companies that are growing the game.


A 7 Day Training Camp in Hermosa Beach, California

Maybe I’m biased but maybe, just maybe, I’m also a genius whose advice you should take because the fate of the world depends on it. What better gift could you give a volley-addict?  In our dreamy beach town, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a professional beach volleyball player. But don’t throw rocks at them, let them train you at our awesome camps.


Beard Bro Tank

Beard Bro Tank Top UNDER.jpg

It’s a shirt, that’s also a beard disguise!!! Bring out your inner pirate hooker. Be a lumberjack. Start your own portable bird’s nest. Keep your morsels in a safe place so you can eat them later. Buy the Beard Bro Tank and support the two guys who have the most entertaining vlogs in beach volleyball.


We Were Kings: A deep dive inside the lives of professional beach volleyball players

If you haven’t heard yet, Travis Mehwhirter has been creating some amazing content for beach volleyball. Along with Tri Bourne, his awesome podcast “SANDCAST’ interviews dives into the lives of your favorite players, coaches, refs and personalities in beach volleyball. Now he’s turned that concept into a book! Check out page 46 to see who kissed who after hours on center court! JK.

“He doesn’t go that deep…” That’s what she said. Mic drop.


AVP Pure Heart Tank

The history, the prestige, the stories, the logo… the contracts! 😲 Still the most recognizable brand in beach volleyball, the AVP has come back in a HUGE way and it’s here to stay.

Donald Sun and his team have made strides to make the AVP the globally recognized force that it once was. The AVP already has juniors leagues, made a monster acquisition of the largest grassroots organization in America and has started AVP Academies across the USA. The new team behind the proud old logo also became the first beach organization to GET PAID to stream its tournaments to millions. Show your support and get your gear at winter prices!


p1440 Hat and Visor Collection

“This clown is really promoting two arch-enemies in the same post?!?” 😉 Yes I am.

Casey and Kerri had a mission in their lives and it’s to take the sport to a place where THEY BELIEVE it will be in a better place. With passion, commitment and good ol’ fashioned grit, they’ve created massive tournaments that brought the best athletes in the globe and have given us -historically sub-minimum wage athletes- another opportunity to play the sport we love and make some money doing it. Whatever your thoughts on the whole AVP versus p1440 situation, two forces are fighting tooth and nail to bring beach volleyball to newer, awesome levels.


Better at Beach Hats

defaultImage  defaultImage  defaultImage  defaultImage

Play. Beach. V-neck shirts and Tees

defaultImage  defaultImage  defaultImage

Since you’re already in the shirt & hat buying mood after AVP’s and p1440’s great selection of shirts, hats and visors, bring the love back to me and my company for a purchase.

My new goal is to make 1 million people better at beach volleyball. Tons of what we offer is free and I’ve been working my tail off to bring the best knowledge and coaching I can to athletes around the world. Every little bit helps so come on over and get some sweet merchandise from us. 🤗


Billy Allen’s Good Blood: The Descendants of Terene, Book 1

Image result for Billy Allen's Good Blood: (The Descendants of Terene, Book 1)

Creative genius Billy Allen is quietly, and unassumingly, one of the funniest and most creative guys in professional beach volleyball. Last year, he finished his first fantasy novel titled Good Blood: The Descendants of Terene.

Someone on Amazon gave him 4 stars and now that person is currently being hunted down by the Highfather, the ruling nobles AND the Descendants for his deceitfulness. Everyone else gave the book 5 stars and you’re going to love it too! 😊 Like I said, beach volleyball players are so much more than jocks. Get Billy’s book and dive in. It’s kinda good.


Nicolette Martin Art Piece

Corona Del Mar (16" x 20") $300

3 Time National Champion and AVP player Nicolette Martin likes to ‘color’ because she claims “it’s a great arm workout since all my championship rings make my hand so heavy.” In all seriousness, I stopped by her booth at an AVP event and as a lover of all things beach and volleyball, I give my full-on recommendation to her craft. Grab on to one of her amazing pieces and make any space in your home or office more beautiful.

Thanks for blurring the lines between artist and jock, Nicollette! The Breakfast Club would be confused at first, but then proud in the end.


Rox Volleyball King Crabb Boardshorts

2018 Tiki Crabb | King Crabb Boardshorts,Board Shorts - Rox Volleyball

Know someone who’s feeling crabby? Cheer them up with their own pair of crab-themed boardshorts. Despite their split, both brothers are getting it done, plus why wouldn’t you support sea life as a beach volleyball player?!? Rox actually sends the brothers 1 silver dollar for every pair sold just to see them fight over it. 🤣


Slunks Boardshorts

“What? Am I rich?!?! FOUR pairs of boardies?” Yes. You are rich. That’s why you have internet so suck it up you penny pincher and grab some of these.

A little old school, a little edgy and a lot of fun. It’s all about male thighs getting some sunlight again! How many decades has it been? Ladies, hold on to your visors, whiplash is a real threat when a beach player sporting some tan muscular quads walks past you in these! Founder, Chris Reames is really tight with a few notable players on tour and he treats them really well. Jump on board. The limits of this revolution are thigh-high!


Avatar’s Guide to Beach Volleyball

Image result for Avatar's Guide to Beach Volleyball: Everything you need to know about the sport from the only professional player that writes

Everything you need to know about the sport from the only professional player that writes. And not only can he write, he can count too! A financial wizard and the most looked up to man in beach volleyball shares his view of the game and its foibles. Much to the chagrin of former partner Billy Allen, Doherty’s book received 5 stars across the board on Amazon. All ten of his readers thoroughly enjoyed the comical way Ryan looks at himself, the game, and its characters.


Vital Sportswear – For Athletes, By Athletes

Tired of The Man telling you what colors and styles are cool?! Head over to Vital where they can provide you custom-made bikinis and beach outfits!!! Yet another company run by beach volleyball players, their team will take care of your needs stitch by stitch.


A Set of 3 Wilson Beach Volleyballs

Do you have the BALLS to buy these balls? We’ve got them at a huge discount! They are the older version but like a fine wine or limited edition baseball cards, they’ll easily be worth a thousand dollars in 4-5 years. You’ll regret it if you don’t keep a few in mint condition and store it in a moisture resistant basement at 61 degrees.


Better at Beach 60 Day Strength, Conditioning and Mobility Plan for Beach Volleyball

Although the Christmas season isn’t over just yet, you’ll probably notice that you’ve been slacking on the fitness front. After all, the holiday season is about spending time with our loved ones, but it’s EASY to get carried away and over-indulge on sweet treats and delights this Christmas.

Come next year, the aftermath of all that food and wine will take its toll, your waist feeling tighter and energy levels begin to dwindle. It’s always important to step back onto the health and fitness wagon after a long vacation.


VolleyCamp Hermosa Gift Certificate

Don’t be that lame aunt or uncle that gives money or a check for special occasions. Instead, give them a piece of paper that represents money!!! Look how happy MY nieces were! These gift certificates can be used to buy VolleyCamp Hermosa training books, shirts, balls, online video coaching, private lessons, classes, or just cut it into small pieces, throw them at me and I’ll dance for you!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Be thankful for everything and everyone you have. Even if you only give somebody a phone call letting them know you love them, don’t underestimate the power that one can have over someone’s day. One better day for even a single person can, and will tilt our community towards the good and the beautiful. 🎄🧨🎇🎁


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