How to Play Beach Volleyball: Self-Toss Target Practice


Self-toss Target Practice

This is a great warm-up drill when you’re starting to get your arm loose. It won’t get you any game-like reps, but it’s really important to be able to control the ball with vision. So, you’re going to toss to yourself -make sure that you toss well above the top of the antenna- after you follow where the ball is, then your eyes need to drop or focus on your partner. After the peak of the ball, your partner is going to put one hand anywhere they want. Your job is to reach to the top of your swing and try to snap the ball to their hand on that line. All they need to do is catch the ball and it’s their turn. So, they toss above the top of the antenna, find the ball, find the target, find the ball, and snap to that hand that’s open. Good luck. Get accurate, Robin Hood style!


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