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Being around a lot of athletes, it becomes easier to see character traits that contribute to their success. Sometimes this has less to do with natural ability or being gifted, but instead, possessing HEART, FIRE, and GRIT.


You can love something you are doing, whether that’s beach volleyball, running, playing music, etc., but if you don’t possess fire or grit, you will probably plateau. This is perfectly OK, but recognize that if you become frustrated at yourself for not getting better, or achieving the results you wanted.


Fire is that burning desire to get better. You KNOW you can achieve something, and you want to…badly. This is great, but if you possess fire without heart, meaning maybe you are trying to achieve something because someone ELSE set that expectation for you, that flame will quickly die, or you may become resentful that you put in all that effort, but it really didn’t mean that much to you.


Grit is the ability to withstand doing something over and over, even if it’s not fun or may hurt, but the result is very much worth the effort. It’s the element that gets you out of bed at 5 a.m. to train or skip the dessert because you are trying to stay healthy and fit. Like fire, grit is an amazing quality, but without heart, there is no real purpose to all that effort. It’s the reason people quit goals they set for themselves (New Year’s resolutions anyone?).


THE REAL MAGIC happens when someone possesses all three elements. They are connected to a deeper purpose and are intrinsically motivated, i.e., they LOVE what they are doing! They have that inner fire, which makes them seek out knowledge or coaching to help them achieve goals. And they possess the grit to withstand everything that goes into that training, whether pleasant or not, and show up every day and do whatever it takes to get better. They withstand the losses or failures that may come along in that journey but don’t settle for anything but the best for themselves.

It’s important in life to evaluate your goals and decide whether they are important enough to you. To not be distracted by non-essential things that take away from your time, money, and attention.

Do you know someone who possesses all three traits, whether that’s in sports, the arts, work, or just life? Let us know!

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