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There are so many tools out there to help athletes get better, but none are quite as efficient as video. With video, athletes can see and learn instantly. Video does not lie. Athletes can’t get away with the “I didn’t do that” excuses. The answer often surfaces in the film.

Athletes can learn anything from watching film. They can pick up tendencies, see mechanical flaws, and acquire new and different strategies. Additionally, film can be used to scout other teams or perform statistical analysis.

Visual learners often times need to see a mistake or errors from a different point of view to understand the fix. Some athletes can easily pick up specific strategies or tendencies. Others benefit most from seeing statistics or learning about “the odds”.

Everyone learns differently, but the beauty of video is that no matter your learning style, you can learn through video. Video is also essentially endless.  You can watch the same match over, and over, and over again. You can pause, rewind, and play anything in slow motion. Athletes have the ability to record and study every single rep they take. Athletes can play their sport for 10 hours a week, and watch 10 hours of video per week, but still improve faster than those who are just playing for 20 hours a week. Work smarter, not harder, they say.

A big part of building a foundation for learning the game starts with video. It is easy to listen to a coach tell you “open up your hips and shoulders more when you’re attacking”. Often times a suggestion like that is misunderstood. Many athletes understand what the coach is saying, but do not actually see, feel, or relate to the fix. However, seeing the same issue over and over again on video should strike a little harder. You might sit there watching one match and see that same mistake 25 times. You previously thought it was only happening on the plays where the coach pointed it out to you. Little did you know that you’re actually doing it every play. The film doesn’t lie.


There are 3 very important reasons why learning the art of dissecting video footage is crucial.


Athletes, especially beach volleyball players need to have days off. With the amount of jumping and swinging they do, a “video day” can save them 200 jumps and have equal benefit for improvement.


Whether you’re heading to college to play, or attempting to jump from the amateurs to the pros, you will have already trained your brain to see the game in a more advanced way. You will know your game and what works for you.


Knowledge is everything. Going out and practicing mindlessly will not improve your game. Improving takes planning and preparation. Planning and preparation can both occur from studying film. You can determine what exactly to work on and how to work on just by watching yourself on video. The execution comes later, on the court.

Do you know HOW to watch video?

There is one flaw with the idea of studying video footage. That flaw is that not many athletes know how to do it. They don’t have a coach that does it. They don’t have access to anyone who is willing to teach them how to do it. And finally, athletes might not be critical enough of themselves.

VolleyCamp Hermosa is now offering beach volleyball mobile coaching services through video called VolleyCamp Video Session. You send the video, and we send the coaching. We look at your footage with a critical eye. We look at key details in every facet of the game and give you high quality feedback. You will be provided with a detailed review regarding strategies, mechanics/individual skills, offensive and defensive systems, and overall performance and execution. We strive to help beach volleyball athletes learn (and be able to see) the minor details of their game which can spark tremendous growth and improvement. Additionally, we can provide hitting and serving charts, or “scouting reports”. These reports help the players understand tendencies and their effectiveness.

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VolleyCamp Video – One on One Video Analysis


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– About the Author: Andrew Dentler is a USA Beach Volleyball Athlete and a Head Coach for Team WAVE Beach Volleyball.

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