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What is so special about Hermosa Beach?

What is the weather like in Hermosa Beach?

Which week(s) should I come to VolleyCamp Hermosa?

Can I stay at one of the VolleyHouses or hotels without booking a training package?

Can I still get coaching if I ONLY book accommodations?

I found another place to stay. Can I still join the practices?

Who will be in the training sessions?

Who will be coaching the training sessions?

Can I join any tournaments while I'm there? How can I find a schedule? Or find a partner?

What if I don’t have a partner?

Is it possible to get more than 7 coached practices in one week?

What airport should I fly into?

How do I get to the hotel or VolleyHouse?

What day/time should I arrive and depart?

Are meals included in the packages?

Where can I workout while I’m there?

Should I book individually or with a group?

What days/time will we practice?

What are the cancellation terms?

I want to come with my friend/significant other/child but we don’t play at the same level. What should we do?

VolleyCamp Hermosa
Pacific Coast Highway
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Tel: (234) 752-9824

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