Drill: Beach Volleyball Double Juke Training for Defenders

Beach volleyball double juke drills

Work on your defender skill set with this beach volleyball double juke training video featuring AVP pro Mark Burik.

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DRILL NAME: Double Juke

SKILL FOCUS: Defensive Tactics




STYLE: Repetition Based

DRILL EXPLANATION: Player 1 is on the North side of the net acting as the hitter/feeder.  Player 2 and 3 will be on the opposite side of the net. Player 2 will be at the net acting as a blocker, and Player 3 will be in the court working on digging.  The point of this drill is to make a fake move to the line/cross during the attackers vision sequence of his approach. This normally takes place just before the attacker puts their last two steps of their approach.  Make sure after you make your fake move you get reset in the cross before making your move. You want the attacker to think that you faked going to the line in order to trick them into hitting cross, but really you want them to still hit line.

Drill sequence:

  • Player 1 tosses ball to resemble a set
  • Player 3 does a fake move to the line when Player 1 looks at defender
  • Player 3 gets reset in the cross court before attackers contact
  • Player 1 hits a high line
  • Player 3 digs high line shot to Player 2
  • Player 2 sets Player 3
  • Player 3 hits a designated shot on the court
  • Repeat for a desired amount of reps and switch jobs
  • Repeat for cut shots


The most common errors seen while attempting a double juke is the timing.  It’s important to remember that you need to make this happen during the time an attacker is looking at the defender.  If attackers do not look at the defender then this move is not necessary.

Also, make sure that after you do this move you concentrate on getting stopped and balanced before the attack in order to make another good move to pick up the ball.

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Today we’re working on a little bit of juke timing or trying to get inside the hitter’s head, right? So we expect, we see a shooter, somebody who’s been going Highline and shooting us over cross or over cut all day, and we’re going to try to give them a fake and make them believe some sort of defender’s job is in the middle of my look. They’re going to take a jab step and then reset. What that’s going to do is it’s going to make the hitters that they faked line poorly. After that, then they’re going to sprint to the line and dig the high line. So I fake to the line and come back and that makes the hitter think, Oh my God, what a terrible fake. Now that line is definitely open. So if you do it early enough, you can bait them into hitting the shot that they think is okay. So this is secondary after learning good juke and timing, but we’re trying to fake line reset in the middle of the hitters look, and then we can sprint to the line because they think it’s going to be an easy shot. Zip. The girls can do it.

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