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Time Heals All Wounds in Beach Volleyball

By Leo Keegan June 26th, 2016. Was it just another day for beach volleyball? Before we answer that, let’s flashback to April 2th, 1995. It was the start of a 3-year period in which Sinjin Smith did not play an AVP tournament. One significant factor was Sinjin

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Trying Out for a Team: How to Prepare

Being a part of a team is such an exciting part of an athlete’s career, especially when it’s a team that they’ve been working hard to join. When a team requires tryouts, this particular step can be daunting and a little bit scary for kids and, let’s

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AVP Highlights Pro Mark Burik’s Love For Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Hermosa, CA

Hey guys: the AVP just published a trending article from beach volleyball pro Mark Burik, CEO and co-founder of VolleyCamp Hermosa. Mark shares his perspective on the sport he loves and the path he took around the world — from Queens, NY to Hermosa Beach, CA —

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SANDCAST with Mark Burik: Volleyball Adventures, The Power of Coaching and Social Media

By Mark Burik Had a great time talking to the very cool people over at Sandcast this week about VolleyCamp Hermosa, our beach volleyball training camp outside Los Angeles for players at every skill level. We talk about the importance of good coaching and how if you

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