Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about Hermosa Beach?

What is the weather like in Hermosa Beach?

Which week(s) should I come to VolleyCamp Hermosa?

I found another place to stay. Can I still join classes?

Who will be in the training sessions?

Who will be coaching the training sessions?

Can I join any tournaments while I'm there? How can I find a schedule?

What if I don’t have a partner?

I booked a Gold Camp. Is it possible to get more than 7 coached practices in one week?

What airport should I fly into?

How do I get my hotel and practices?

What day & time should I book my flights on to join the Gold Camp?

Are meals included in the packages?

Should I book individually or with a group?

What days/time will we practice?

What are the cancellation terms?

I want to come with my friend/significant other/child but we don’t play at the same level. What should we do?

When can I schedule my private training session for?

Which coach should I book for a private training session?

Where are private training sessions held?

How many people can be in a private training session?

How much do private training sessions cost?

Should I take classes or schedule private training sessions?

Which classes are best for me?

Will times & classes change in future?

Can I join classes?

Are classes open to juniors?

Are classes and camps run year round?

Can class packages be split between people?

I missed class. Can you refund the class to my account?

Can I cancel or pause my monthly plan?

How many classes do I have left on my pack/plan?

When does my month renew?

Can I upgrade or change my monthly plan or pack?

How do I sign up for classes after I buy the Gold Camp?

Are there different Gold Camps for different levels?

Do you have Gold Camps for juniors?

Do you offer airport transfer for Gold Camps?

Is there space left in the Gold Camp?

Can I book extra nights at the hotels/hostel prior to or after my Gold Camp?

Do you have camps or classes in other cities?

Can you add me to your email list?

Can you match me with a partner for tournaments or pickup games?

Can you run a clinic near me?

Can I borrow equipment such as volleyball or lines?

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