Best Beach Volleyball Warm-Up EVER!


Best Warm-Up Ever!

You want to know what grinds my gears? Long warm-ups.

You’ll see somebody in play, or at like a local regional tournament and they’ll just take forever to warm up.

It’s weird because we go a lot of like “Oh, no AVP warm-ups bro! No AVP warm-ups”… We get 10 minutes on the AVP. But are we ever fully warmed for that? I’m usually warmed up before for that.

But in the middle of a tournament, I’m not taking thirty minutes to warm-up, and if you’re warming up you should be warming up right?

What’s the difference between getting tired and getting warmed up? You got to be tired before your first match, you got to be in full sweat. Why? So that you’re ready to play the first point.

I see people warm up and they say they’re warming up, they smack the ball 80 yards and then they go walk down the beach after. We can both agree that that’s not warming up.

Single hit, smack at the ball 50 yards, show but everybody how hard you can bounce it and then you walk after it? you’re not warming up.

I got this really nice one ball warm-up drill, it’ll get you going and it covers all the bases. Do you want to try it?

  • Pass back and forth – 10 each
  • Set back and forth – 10 each
  • Tomahawk back and forth – 10 each
  • Pokey back and forth – 10 each
  • Open hand one-handed slap pepper
  • Speed pepper – Push the speed on the dig, set and attack
  • Defender only. Starting from knees to lay down sprawl dig – 8 each side.
  • Blocker only: Pull digs – 8 each side
  • 5 game serves to a passer – Pass and catch
  • Cross court dig to a cut shot – Setter catches cut shot – 5 each player per side


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