Best 2 Person Volleyball Drill Ever! Dig, Freeball, Perimeter Swing

AVP Beach Volleyball Match Huntington Beach Burik, Drost, Loomis, Tramblie Credit: Beck, Robert

Photo Credit: AVP

When you can’t get a full squad to practice, there is still PLENTY of live work you can get done on the court. We set our sideline boundaries so that we have about 2 feet of space we need to hit in. Our deep corner swings are set up so they end two steps from the baseline. Make your boundaries as big as you want but CHALLENGE YOURSELF. We also made the rule that our swings in the front half of the court HAVE to have DOWNWARD TRAJECTORY. This also gives us feedback and tells us when we are in a position that ALLOWS US to go for the sharp swings. We hate loopy cut shots. As always you can set whatever rules and scoring you like 🙂 Our sharp swings in the front two thirds are worth two points, our deep corner swings are worth 1 point and our hitting errors net us Minus 1. As a team we got to 11 points 4 times in today’s practice. One match initiating from each corner of the net.
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