Best 2 Person Beach Volleyball Drill Ever!


What’s up guys. It’s Mark and Wild Bill Kolinsky. Today we’re doing a two-man drill, it’s just the two of us so we figured we could share what we’re doing with you today.

We drew a map on our sidelines, we got about a two-foot space, you can use a two, three, four-foot space and then we got a hash to show the deep portion of the court. Same thing on the other sideline, when we got a sharp sideline and we had a deep portion of the court. We’re saying that the sideline, short sidelines need to be really sharp, or a cut shot. So, you won’t get two points if you hit the short sideline but there has to be downward trajectory, you can’t loop it. You also get one point if you hit one of the deep corners.

We are going with a hit, dig, send a free ball, set and attack. So, I think you guys can see it work. Let’s check it out in action on this video.

Bill’s going to hit at me, I get to dig one and then then he sends me a free ball. I’ll pass that and then we’ll try to score along the sidelines. Attacking with a downward trajectory along the sidelines gets us two points. Any hitting error is worth a negative point. This is a build practice so let’s try to go for a combined eleven points and then we can move on to another drill.


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