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Hear what our member had to say about Mark’s style of coaching

I think one of Mark’s greatest talents as a coach is to take you – no matter where you are – to that next level, and then beyond. He really stretches you. By doing that he’ll give you more information that you can hold. He’ll make you reach for a ball that you think you can’t get and by the end of the practice you’ll be getting there.

He feeds you knowledge that you can just keep stacking on everything else that he’s placed, he’ll never stop doing that.

You’ll never be in his coaching clinic and be bored. There are so many elements to this game and he does such a good job at breaking it up and throwing them at you in a way that you can build it in your mind. It is Mental, Physical, Emotional, and it’s Strategic and he really does a good job at highlighting those 4 components and bringing them together, and it was nice.

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