Beach Volleyball: Full Practice Plan for Passing Footwork and Attack Accuracy

Have you ever showed up to a court wondering what you should do to get better? STOP WONDERING! Here, at VolleyCamp Hermosa we are building an extensive library of beach volleyball practice plans that you can use for your own training. Every day, I work tirelessly at creating content, instruction and opportunity that I desperately wish I had during my first 10 years of learning the game. I wish I chose to seek out people who could get me on the fast track to consistent main draw performances and tournament wins. It was a long, slow progression of skill and knowledge. I only reached the level I’m at because I have an unfortunately obnoxious capacity for going through pain. When I finally started looking for coaches, volunteering to assist at high level practices and openly asking better players about their ideas, my game started taking bigger leaps.

Don’t be like me! Don’t grind. Work smarter. Hunt down the best teachers and the enormous amount of content available today. Skip the pain and the struggle. Always remember to annualize your thinking. If a coach can offer one single fix. How many thousands of times is that going to come up in a practice or a match in the next year. One fix equates to putting you on the winning side of thousands of points.

This video features the players in our Men’s A/AA Private Training Group. We have a library of Practice Plans and Drills waiting for you! Send an email to [email protected] … We will notify you when we release them for sale and you can take advantage of the early bird specials! If you don’t want tons of practice plans at once, stick around and utilize what we offer for free by subscribing to our email list and my YouTube channel.


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