Be the First You

Be the First You

Sunset beach volleyball with VolleyCamp HermosaYou’ve probably seen this before on social media: Someone posts an article about breaking the world’s record for being the youngest person to travel to every country, or how a couple retired at 30, or some other kind of success or achievement, and there will always be that ONE person for sure in the crowd who comments, “it must be nice to (have rich parents, be dual income-earning engineers, (insert some other lucky feature), etc.”

Here’s the rub: It very well may be that someone was born “luckier” than you, or more athletically-inclined, or smarter than you, or had the “right” zip code growing up, but you still have choices you make as an adult to either make your life better…or worse.

When it comes to your beach volleyball game, what can YOU bring to the table that makes you unique? If you aren’t tall, can you improve your speed and agility? Can you be the player with the killer serve? The BEST digger? The best setter? Maybe you’re the all-around good player? Or, maybe you aren’t the best, but you’re really fun to play with or against, or help other people get better? What is YOUR superpower?
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Too often we focus on wanting to be the next so-and-so. We idolize the talents that OTHER people have. Not that it’s bad to have mentors or people we look up to and aspire to be more like, but if we only focus on being a carbon copy of someone else, or do things exactly as someone else did, then we miss the golden opportunity to create our own mold. Or we’re disappointed when we don’t live up to that person’s success.

Have you seen the movie, Fighting with My Family? It’s based on the true story of WWE wrestler Saraya-Jade Bevis (aka Paige). Early in the film her and her brother meet Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) at a WWE tryout.

Paige’s brother asks The Rock what advice he has about winning over the crowd and “being the next you.”

The Rock delivers a hilarious “angry” monologue that surprises the siblings but ends with some thought-provoking and rather sweet advice: “Even though this crazy wrestling world is a fictionalized world, The fans know a thousand percent if you’re not being real. Alright? That guy just now, that was The Rock. The Rock is me. Dwayne Johnson. Just with the volume turned way up, the treble adjusted, the bass. Same guy. So don’t worry about being the next me. Be the first you.”

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