AVP Player’s Pre-Season Beach Volleyball Workout

Beach volleyball training

Follow along as we go through this 60-minute pre-season full-body beach volleyball workout with professional beach volleyball players Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner. This workout is part of our 60 Day Strength and Conditioning Program available now at BetteratBeach.com.


  1. D) Dynamic Range of Motion – 1 Set of 10 Reps Each Side.

                                     – Lying Straight Leg Kicks

                                     – Lying Straight Leg Cross-Over Swings

                                     – Lying Scorpions

                                     – Cat/Cow Series

                                     – Push-Up – Downward Dog / Upward Dog

                                     – Alternating Calf Stretch

                                     – Knee Hugs

                                     – Quad Stretch

                                     – Lateral Lunge

                                     – Elbow to Instep/Lunge Twist

                                     – Warrior One / Triangle Stretch

                                     – Alternating Pigeon Stretches

                                     – Deep Squat Twist

                                     – Open/Hug

                                     – Straight Arm Swings

                                     – Clasp Hands Behind Back / Hamstring Stretch and Reach



Static Endurance – 1 Set of 1 Minute Holds with 30 Second Rest

  1. A)           – Front Press 90 Degree Hold

                                     – Military Press 90 Degree Hold

                                     – Lying, Bent Over or Banded I Hold

                                     – Lying, Bent Over or Banded Y Hold


Complete 1 Set of 15 Reps for each exercise.

  1. A)           – Side Lying Straight Leg Raises

                                     – Side Lying 90 Degree Raises

                                     – Side Lying Reach Back Leg Raises

                                     – Banded Glute Bridges


Complete Each Exercise for 1 Set of 15 reps. Alternate Sides Every Rep

  1. A)           – Lying Straight Bridge Alternating 3 second Single Leg Hold

                                     – Standing Single Leg Banded Anti Rotation Press with 3 Second Holds

                                     – Bird Dogs with 3 Second Holds



Complete each exercise for 1 set of 15 reps or 60 seconds.

  1. A) Low Back

                                     – Front Lying Chest Raises

                                     – Front Lying Leg Raises

                                     – Superman

                                     – Back Lying Straight Bridge (60 Seconds)


Perform each exercise for 3 sets of 10.

  1. B)           – Pull-ups (Sub with a cable pull down machine, power band or partner assist)

                                     – Push-ups (Can add weight on your back)

                                     – Standing Externally Rotated Hammer Curl


Olympic/Power Lifting is technically complicated and can be dangerous if done without experience and great technique. If you are not trained in this style of lifting, we implore you to stick with the second two exercises \until you seek out the guidance of a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist to train you for the other lifts. You can also hire us for Video Analysis Sessions to get you started. If you have the training experience, perform the first two exercises.


  1. C) Perform all of the exercises for 3 sets of 4.
  •       Hang Clean
  •       Power Clean
  •       Weighted Jump Squats
  •       Single Legged Box Jump from Sitting – Each Leg

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