Are You Using the Best Serve Receive Footwork?: Beach Volleyball Tutorial


Serve Receive Footwork

It’s the basic footwork that everybody needs to accomplish in order to get to a ball efficiently, so that we can pass the ball as best as we can.

The majority of our footwork in Serve Receive comes in the form of a step, or a step shuffle. If we need to move laterally, we’re going to take our lead step in a direction and then the following two steps.

For example, if we need to go to our right, then it’s going to look like a right-left-right shuffle. If we need to go backwards for a ball, ideally when you’re going through a high slow ball, you get your hips behind it and you keep the ball in front of you. There are times when a ball comes high and fast at our face or our head where it’s important to get yourself away from the ball so that your platform can get out.

If a ball is coming right at your head, what your reaction should be is to open your body and create space for your platform so that you’ll have a lot of range instead of getting caught up high on your chest or if a ball is approaching your neck. You would not want to do a tomahawk in Serve Receive.

If the other team only needs to serve high and deep to take away your number one control item, then they’ve won that first battle.


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