Are you FED UP with passing and serve receive woes? Want to pass nails?! You need to see this…


Is your passing improving as fast as you would like? Are you getting the coaching feedback you need to make sure you are practicing correctly? I made this video to help you and I hope you use it to take your beach volleyball game to the next level, but imagine the progress you could make with LIVE FEEDBACK from a professional coach. 
Accelerate your learning at our GOLD CAMP and get up to 21 practice sessions in a week. Work hard, and then play hard in the Hermosa night life, while kicking back in one of our awesome PARTNER HOTELS! If you don’t have enough time for one of our full camps, we would still love to work with you in a PRIVATE LESSON or one of our ADULT AND JUNIOR CLASSES.
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Very special thanks to Justin Livesay for his guidance and patience with my lack of on-camera skills and comfort.

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