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Setting Drills for Beach Volleyball: #1 Most Common Pro Drill

Short Poke Volleyball Attack

DRILL NAME: Triangle Setting

SKILL FOCUS: Ball Control – Setting




STYLE: Repetition Based

DRILL EXPLANATION: All Players will be on the South side of the net.  Player 1 will be at the net straight in front of Player 2 who is in a serve receive position.  Player 3 will start in the other passing position next to Player 2. Player 1 will toss or hit a ball to Player 2, Player 2 will pass to the middle of the court about 5 ft from the net.  Player 3 will set back to Player 1, who will either catch and toss next ball or hit back to Player 2. After 10 reps switch positions. Once everyone has had the chance to set, switch sides of the court.


1) Walk

2) Square to Target

3) Off Foot -Net Foot

4) Extend Finish



Even though this is a setter drill, Passers can get lazy and not move their feet to pass a ball.  This is a great opportunity for the passer to get a chance to pass.

Setter remember that you should be getting square and using the correct footwork.


If you are interested in more tips on setting, you HAVE TO check out our other blog post, “9 Keys to Being an Excellent Setter”

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