What’s your GOAD?

This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with a Redondo Beach neighbor who is an older gentleman.  We were talking about life and jobs, and he asked me what my goals and ambitions are.  I mentioned that I want to play beach volleyball at the highest level possible.  And his reply was not the standard, “That’s crazy, why would you want to do that?” (or “Oh…. That’s interesting”, or “Aren’t you a little short for volleyball?”), but rather “What’s your goad?”  As I stood there a bit confused, he elaborated, “What’s your deadline? When do you want to accomplish this?”  And I realized that although I have always been a goal-oriented person, I had never set deadlines for my goals.

Goad as a noun is defined as “a spiked stick used for driving cattle.”  My father used to haul pigs, and I remember him talking about using an electric goad to get the pigs on and off the trucks.  All talk of animal cruelty aside, I think that’s a great visual, of having something or someone provoking you to action.  Only instead of being prodded to somewhere you’d rather not be, it’s to an achievement or accomplishment!  

Having a coach is helpful, it’s someone else you might give you that little extra push. But ultimately, we have to create our own “goads.”  We have find ways to give ourselves that nudge in the right direction by creating goals that have a timeline attached to them.  It’s not just “What do I want to achieve?”  It’s “What do I want to achieve and when do I plan on doing that?”  I would also add that good goals have a plan of action, a way of knowing how to achieve them.  Goals without this plan of action and a timeline are not really goals at all, they are merely dreams.  Which side do you want to be on? The dreaming side where all you do is wish?  Or the doing side where you set goals with deadlines and a plan of action, and work towards that goal?  The choice is yours.

  • Alison Wise

Alison is an up and coming beach volleyball player and serves as VolleyCamp Hermosa’s Operations Manager. She lives in Redondo Beach, trains in Hermosa Beach and competes in Manhattan Beach.

(Photo Credit for this post: Magnus Egger, Beachcamp.se)

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